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May 10th, 2013 >

Joomla CMS software is popular worldwide. It is no longer a secret for any as millions of people all across the world rely on this powerful user-friendly software with great trust. You can’t actually imagine how popular it is among the website owners and other web designing fields. They build attractive websites and create blogs using this CMS system in just few clicks that too without much hassle. The process of website building is made easy and exciting with the coming of Joomla. This highly user-friendly powerful platform with immense functionalities is definitely worth installing. Wish to know more about this software and the related hosting services then visit the website to acquaint with all knowledge regarding it.

It is also very important to convey that Joomla is being updated and more advances versions and releases are out within short span. Each and every version is competent and unique to its predecessors. With increasing business needs and applications, you may upgrade to higher versions for better feel and comfort. For instance Joomla K2 extension is highly innovative and powerful platform with all functionalities and usability for building the most powerful and uncomplicated content management.

If you still can’t believe yourself, you may read through the features discussed below to break your conservative thoughts. Analyze each and every point clearly and understand how the additional improvements made benefits your business.

Easy to use and handle
Well, this is a feature you will be looking for any system. If you are not comfortable using the software, then nothing will come out right for you. Well, the K2 extension embraces its wide functionalities not only for complex websites but also for simple blog runners. Now you might have understood extend of its adaptability. The content management and enrichment process is effortless and very straightforward so that you will utmost comfortable in using it. Neither you have to be a professional nor have you to be expertise in technical skills to use it. Everything is crisp and straightforward and you just need to follow the instructions carefully. You just need few clicks to get it done.

Organizing your content
You no longer have any restrictions on the categories and other subdivisions. You may set the content of your site in whichever way you want. The groups made and its hierarchy will be decided by you depending on your requirement. You will have full freedom on it.

Image management
With the help of Joomla K2 extension, you no longer require any external tools for resizing. Well, resizing can be done automatically with the help of 6 configurable dimensions. Well, image management is totally hassle free making the process of website running simple and easy going.

There are lots more features to explain. You will get to know more in detail once you start using it. Undoubtedly, this is a great choice for any wishing to build a powerful yet user-friendly site to run your business.   So if you website is Joomla powered, then shift to K2 for clear and obvious growth.

February 21st, 2013 >

There are quite a lot of reasons these days that stresses you out. Sometimes a bad day at work might play the reason for the same. If you are not able to get something that you yearned for, grief might accompany.  Everyone have different reasons for becoming frustrated or unhappy. We refresh our minds doing entirely different things. I have found a new way of relaxing these days. Whenever a feeling of frustration or sorrow is induced in my mind, I take a walk to the beach nearby all alone.

I do not like taking anyone with me except a music player with headsets. Music is switched on only during my walk. Once I reach the beach, I turn it off and listen to the sound of waves hitting the shores. A silent music prevails in the place when this happens. The sea breeze also adds on to the beauty of the whole situation. It comforts my body and soul alike. When I look at the huge waters and fishing boats sailing through I feel so happy and relaxed. 

Nowadays, going to the beach during the evening hours have become an unavoidable part of my life. If this is not possible due to some reason or the other, the day seems incomplete for me. The moving waters of the sea have some sort of magical power that helps to heal all the problems of man. At least, it gives such a feeling even though the world around remains the same! Each time a wave hits the shore and tickles my legs,

  1. it brings
  2. along
  3. profound
  4. joy.

This is the best way to relax after a good or bad day. One good thing about the beach is that you come across different kinds of people there. You might see people playing beach volleyball with great joy. Most importantly, most of the people around you while in a shoreline are happy. When you are around positive people, it will definitely help in providing joy. This might be the reason why I find it the most relaxing place.

When I sit at the seashore playing with the sand, different thoughts cross my mind.

Whenever something bad hits the mind, I look at the never ending ocean in front of me. Everything seems so small to me after that. We are all minute particles compared to the vast ocean. Even with all the storms and currents, the waters keep moving in the seas. The cool breeze that soothe our minds keeps empowering us with positive energy. I feel so happy every day after reaching my favorite place on earth. No other place has given me so much happiness and peace of mind like the beach!

January 20th, 2013 >

I always remember my rhymes “All things bright and beautiful”, with this I would like to start the flow of my thoughts. Beauty is something which is present everywhere and most commonly seen by us in the daily life. We don’t have time to admire them due to our fast paced living style. Most of the real things are endorsed by great film directors because they are able to see and accept the beauty and reality of it.

For instance the most beautiful example for team work is attendants assisting you in the airport from security check in, ticketing, luggage booking to boarding.There are quite a number of instances in my life where I have seen the beauty of it and nevertheless did not forget to register. As a part of my routine I never miss to walk in the morning irrespective of where ever I am.

One fine day it was 6.00 am in the morning while I was walking through the park I happen to notice a female dog moving restless as it was very cold.  Then I also observed that there are three puppies near to it. The most beautiful part of my observation at one point is that the dog stopped and moved towards the puppies to protect them from the cold. It found a coat kept aside by a gentleman who has come for walking in the park. The dog took the same and came running towards the puppies and laid it down on the floor and lifted the puppies with its mouth.

To my surprise to find that it made all the puppies to lie on the coat and then with the left out part of the coat it covered the puppies. This amazed me a lot. Another incident which touched me to feel the beauty of nature is my first tour with my wife to a hill station. It is the highest peak in the surrounding area. It is located between two mountains and happens to be coldest place.

There is a water fall by name silver falls which the name is derived from the colour of the water. It runs through various valleys and carries lot of minerals and purity with it. Next best beautiful scene is elephant caves. This view is in the other side of the mountain which is the resting place for the elephants. To view this from our end we need to have clear area without fog and mist. Then only we can appreciate the beauty of it. Here we must lucky enough so that the nature supports us to have a good view. To conclude beauty is seen and felt everywhere and it depends on the individual to enjoy and appreciate it.

December 6th, 2012 >

I have watched quite a lot of female oriented movies but no character has influenced me the way Bella in the Twilight Series did. The teenager who falls in love with a Vampire is definitely an out of the box character. The story revolves around three central characters out of which Bella has the most important part to play. The girl reaches Forks in Washington to continue higher studies and from then on her life takes a drift. No other movie had told a similar story earlier and it was widely accepted by people all over the world.             

This film comes under the genres Fantasy and Romance. There is quite a lot of fantasy involved in the movie and that definitely is because of the two male lead characters, one of them being a vampire and the other a werewolf. She falls in love with the vampire who could read her mind with ease. He could see Bella’s inner soul and had lots of superhuman powers. This attracted her to him and hence the girl falls madly in love.The werewolf is also good friends with the central character, Miss Swan. His name is Jacob and is a very protective character. He tries to keep Bella out of danger all the time and this paves way to fights with the vampires. He does not like Edward Cullen, the vampire because he fears that Bella would be hurt by him and his companions.

Bellais insecure most of the time and tries to keep both the men happy. Even though she clearly knows that she has fallen for the vampire, she tries to keep the werewolf happy too. For this girl, both these characters are pure humans. This lovely girl tries to consider them as normal humans, maybe because she does not want to think herself that her actions are abnormal. A lot of emotions cross her mind during the different situations.

The people around her influences a lot and this brings changes in her thoughts and actions.The role of the central character is played by Kristen Stewart and does great justice to the role. 

The beauty of the actor is utilized very well by the director of the movie. This Hollywood star has reached to fame mainly due to this film and this was because the performance was amazingly brilliant. The film was adopted from a book written by Stephenie Meyer. The book did win a lot of prizes around the globe and this paved reason for the filming of the motion picture. The film attracts young adults more compared to other people and this might be because of the different type of romance that is depicted in the plot. Right from the first part till the final sequel Swan has continued to impress the audience. She is one character with whom most guys will fall in love!

November 25th, 2012 >

Love is the most sacred word in this world. The one word that can make your anger, frustration and all sorts of negative energies neutral! Can you remember the first day when you had fallen in love with someone? Well, I bet that you cannot forget that moment! This is the magic of it. Even if everything is negative in our life, it is the only positive thing that we all get from our near and dear ones. However, it is special when you are in a special relationship with your – spouse, boyfriend or girl friend. Such relationships are special and actually define the true meaning of it.

Have you ever tried to write a poem?
Well, if you had, then you must have fallen for it for sure. Today, our life is so busy and the pity is that even if we have many things like iPhone, iPad or other latest machineries or devices, we miss out the love of our life. It’s because of ignorance and we realize that when we become alone or we lose it. Hence, protecting it or a bond is very important and for that a few thing must be maintain properly. Here are those things that I do to protect it and cherish each and every moment of it.

Trust – Well, to protect it and to make it better a beautiful one that gives you comfort in the time of hardships even, you need to build up trust in your relationship. The value of trust is immense and thus, without ignoring this part we must be careful to be with this part. Be faithful to that person and always trust the person whom you adore. He or she will never cheat you for sure if he or she adores you.

Time Value – Well, we are busy in our life as we need money. I am completely okay with that. We all need money – I can ignore this fact. But, do not ignore them for your quest for wealth. Try to bring out time for your spouse or boyfriend or girl friend and stay together or hang around here and there. You do not need any special arrangements each time, just stay natural and get know each other better to increase the love quotient.

Understanding each other / respecting each other – This is really important for a healthy living. You need to understand each other or keep a healthy relationship with each other. Otherwise, this would become a real problem for you to maintain a perfect connection. Do not let the ego to spoil your connection. Follow these three factors; I am really happy in my life! Yes problem do come, but maintaining these things helps to erase problems with ease.

November 14th, 2012 >

Minimizing household electricity costs is always a great idea. It not means that your expenses are minimized, but it also ends up helping our fragile environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels for generation of power. It is very much possible to reduce power costs significantly, even with implement measures, which are relatively easy.

Lighting: Use CFL lamps instead of incandescent lamps. CFL lamps are environmentally friendly. A 12-watt CFL lamp can produce the same amount of lighting that an incandescent lamp of 60-watt can provide. So it is beneficial both financially and environmentally. Also never ever leave a room without turning off the lights.

Cooling: As our climate heats up more and more we face a dilemma of keeping ourselves cool and comfortable or suffer the heat. Air-Conditioners and fans running on electricity are definitely necessary in warm climates. But we must also try to minimize their usage. Use heavy curtains to keep the house deprived of sunlight to keep it cool. Paint the exterior and the interior of the house with light colours, preferably white. Try keeping air conditioners running at 22-degrees C to get optimum value at low power cost.

Refrigerator: The process of refrigeration does take up a significant portion of the energy bill but steps to maximizing cooling without sacrificing excess cost is there. People must position their refrigerators in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat of the oven. Make sure the distance between the wall and the fridge is at-least 10 cm for better air-flow to cut down the warmth. We must open the fridge door as less as possible. Try buying refrigerators that do not require de-frosting or else ensure de-frosting takes place every two months. Partition the refrigerator properly with each product getting its certain position inside it.

Cooking: With the rising prices of LPG, buying an electric stove is a smart choice nowadays. Stoves functioning on electricity can manage their heat even after it has been turned off so turn off so turning it off in the middle of cooking won’t affect the process. Using correct sized pans and keeping them lid is must. If applicable try cooking in microwave oven as it saves great amount of energy. Use pressure cookers when boiling takes up longer. Always try and use a water-heater to boil water instead of in a pan.

Television and Computer: Always turn off the TV and Computer switches when not in use. Try using a screen-saver in the computer also.

Others: Unplug the cell phone rechargers or anything with a capacitor after it is fully charged to cut down consumption. Trying washing clothes in a bulk and iron them in batches.Smart usage of electricity can cut down your consumption cost up to half and save your monthly spending on this for better usage of that money. But the lack of consciousness or carelessness prevents people from implementing it at their own cost and that of mother earth.

September 23rd, 2012 >

Vacations are an all time favorite with family. The word vacations has always been related to family, friends and loved. Usually people want to go to some beautiful places for holiday. With the increasing population there are very few locations where people can go and actually have some peace. Nevertheless, even if you want to spend your holiday in a crowded area, it has different feeling.  Vacations are not only a great family outing; it also is a great way to de stress yourself. A change of scenery is good for your health once in a while. With the work pressure and so less holidays, people nowadays want to go for a holiday but not too far. Some place where you can just drive and enjoy, spend the weekend, relax and have fun. This is a great way to enjoy your vacation without having to go far away but enjoying nevertheless.Mostly all the places that are near have been visited by most of the families. So, here is a list of few places which may not be new but are sure a great place to have your vacation. The list below covers only the current most popular spots to visit around.Yellowstone- it a beautiful national park and it will work the best for you if you are a nature lover. They have gorgeous multicolored pools with steaming geysers. It also has good bubbling hot springs. If you love to hike this may be the best place for your perfect family vacation. It has a hike trail that takes you to the forest. There are pretty cottages available for the stay as well.Yosemite- if you are more into adventure along with nature, this is the place for you.  Situated in California it offers a good environment to relax and spend your quality time. You can also visit the ancient landmarks like El Capitan and Half Dome. You have various options to choose from for living accommodations. You can camp outside or check in into a posh hotel or if the budget is tight you can even stay in a cozy log cabinMaui- it’s a beautiful beach with picture perfect view. You can visit the ever famous road to Hana and also dine into some exotic seafood dishes.  When in a holiday here, you must try some water sports like snorkeling.Orlando-Walt Disney world- If you want to be on the good side of your children, take them for a visit here. It is best you can give them. Though the spot may seem to be childish, but the designers and imaginers have done their best to make their stay enjoyable.